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The electronic cigarette world hardly leaves any room for tittle tattle, so best to begin straight on point. Vaporizer Chief is a committed online service which cares about its customers, which is highlighted the most by its generosity on FREE shipping for every single order. There is no word play on minimum order requirements or specific product deals.

To put it point blank, there is simply no additional charge for the shipping costs incurred in delivering the products that have been ordered for by the customer using Vaporizer Chief as the medium to do so.

This however does not in any way mean that the platform by Vaporizer Chief does not offer any deals or packages. The offers may however change with time, with addition or subtraction of certain products and some fluctuation in economic benefit of the said deals, but nevertheless, more often than not, you are likely to find an alluring deal which will suit your needs and your wallet.

It goes without saying that a platform offering such flexibility in shipping costs and package deals is bound to have magnanimous variety of products and packages.

Vaporizer Chief even offers a range of products varying in size since you can easily find yourself a compact little portable pen style vaporizer which shall be a simple and classy choice to carry around and whip out whenever you feel suited to your mood.

For a more permanent fix you would like to install a desktop vaporizer which is large and will meet the needs of the regular pro that needs the mood set and the environment appropriately vaporized according to personal preference without hindrance or delay.

A desktop vaporizer can still be moved to a new location when desired with too much hassle and its large size still does not mean that you will be entirely bound to wherever you have set it out the first time around.

Vaporizer Chief handles the authorized dealing for a great multitude of brands, which in alphabetical order are as follows; Arizer, Aromed, Atmos, Beeline Hemp, Cloud, Cloupor, Dabber, Dank, DaVinci, Discreet Vape, Easy Vape, Eleaf, Grenco Science, Herbal Innovations, Herbalizer, Hobo Customs, Hot Box Vapors, Joyetech, Loto Labs, Micro Vaped, Pioneer4you, Ploom, Sigelei, Vapor Blunt, Vaporite, White Rino, and more.

It is probably not too hard to infer from the rest of the information that the customer service is very helpful, friendly and accommodating. The purpose of this is provide the best quality service and to keep the customers comfortable and willing to return for further orders by maintaining a healthy customer and provider relationship.

It almost feels unreal but that is just the thing about successful service provision. On top of the fact that there are absolutely no, as in zero shipping charges, Vapor Chief also provides priority shipping, which is also for free, to customers placing order that exceed a total of $50.

Every purchase also earns you a complimentary grinder for the herbs. As long as you are smart in regularly checking for discount codes and coupons, you shall have a long running bond with Vapor Chief with the most minimal of costs incurred.