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Vapor Couture offers the she-rawr factor with their line designed with specific focus on feminine needs. The products to the selling platform is all drenched in a custard of elegance as you take in the gold and purple themed website with information scripted out in the loveliest of fonts to have capture your vision like a desert traveler at a pond.

The ecig industry mostly provides for specific masculine needs through brands focusing on relevant themes and amazing presentation. It is thus no surprise that the ladies have an entirely unique section groping for their approval and attention. The body of the product is beautifully designed with sleek presentation.

What meets the eye pleases the eye, yet Vapor Couture still has plenty more to offer, starting with the scrumptiously absorbing flavors available:

-The ‘Bombshell’ is a classic blend of tobacco

-The ‘Rodeo Drive’ provides a rich experience of All-American tobacco

-The ‘Fresh Mint’ for times when you just feel like you need some light refreshment

-The ‘Passion Fruit’ to really roll in the character of the day

-The ‘Strawberry Champagne’ to have you glide through a bout of pure pleasure

And of course

-The ‘Arctic Mint’ for that powerful cooler

Vapor Couture is a brand that caters for your needs in fully rounded character thus not leaving behind some practical steps to ensure that the premium product suits your needs perfectly. Lanyards, bracelets, clutches with in-built mirrors give you the complete advantage of that chic look and full functionality so you don’t find yourself fumbling to manage yourself. Surreal as it may seem, it actually comes with a crystal finish gleaming like diamonds.

It can be heard from the ladies themselves, the product is practical and the batteries take lesser time to charge and the faster speed is a massive plus as nobody appreciates a delay in the 21st century. They even last a long time in comparison with others, as confirmed by experienced users. Some battery concerns were aptly responded to with great customer care and very friendly surface with prompt replacement options to satisfy the customer.

The price tag may be a concern for some but alas, the most valuable of products do reflect on the label. This pretty much applies for almost all electronic products and many other industries as well. It simply symbolizes quality and prestige. The investment is often quite worth it. Safe to say it applies in the case of Vapor Couture electronic cigarettes.

The thinner body simply adds to the lush sultry outlook which is incomparable to any other shape or size. It sets them a class apart which you simply cannot find a replacement for. It is difficult to let go of this kind of luxury once you lay your eyes to the specter of elegance. You will want to continue treating yourself to the subtlety of the presentation yet the overwhelming powerful impact it has on the entire outlook.

It is not just an e-cig. It is a style statement, a lifestyle.