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Vape Wild takes a balanced approached towards the business of making and selling e liquid. From one video post on their “About Us” page, it’s clear that employees have fun doing their jobs, but they still take the job and customer satisfaction seriously.

Dallas Vape Juice

The Vape Wild team is based in Dallas, TX, but they run their store online so anyone can access the Vape Wild catalogue and purchase Vape Wild e juice. They refer to themselves as “one of the fastest-growing online vapor companies in the U.S.,” which is a big claim since there are lots of vape companies online.

Maybe they are, maybe they aren’t. Vape Wild’s success isn’t what should concern vapers most, however; it’s their quality that matters.

Shipping Pride

Vape Wild takes pride in turning orders around quickly, usually within 24 hours, and orders priced more than $30 receive priority shipping for free.

Orders of more than $15 receive free e liquid so customers get the chance to try new vape flavors without any financial risk. That’s a fun feature which will certainly introduce a lot of customers to unexpected favorites.


Vape Wild e liquids are crafted by hand in-house by what they call their “technicians.” It’s all USA-made stuff using top quality ingredients according to their site, yet inexpensive too.

Claiming to sell the cheapest e juice the internet provides, affordability is a priority here, but Vape Wild recognizes that some people will be suspicious of its quality as a result. Meanwhile, they create consistent flavors and avail themselves of wholesale deals with big companies carrying the ingredients they use to create assorted blends.

Working Environment

Although working here is fun, it’s also a business. Customer service and controlling the quality of their products matters to these people. When you’re feeling good, though, it’s easy to pass on the love with rewards to customers like loyalty points and give-aways.

Meanwhile, customer satisfaction is guaranteed. There isn’t any tobacco in your products and ratios of PG and VG differ to suit personal choice. All in all, the people at Vape Wild are proud of their products.

Vape Wild E Liquids

All Vape Wild e juices are made in the United States from US ingredients. They make a distinction between just USA-bottled and USA-sourced on their informative blog.

Their bases are food-grade, nicotine is pharmacy-grade, and even bottles come from US companies. Blending and bottling is done in a Dallas clean room which undergoes regular inspection. The firm had their e juice tested by a third party at an ISO 17025-accredited Global Laboratory using V2 electronics and the puff test style.

It’s a little bit complicated, so refer to the Vape Wild website for the full run down. But here’s an honest display of how assorted flavors of e liquid compare with cigarettes when measuring for formaldehyde, methyl glyoxal, diacetyl, and other compounds. Vape Wild doesn’t make wild claims: e juices contain chemicals but only a fraction of what cigarettes contain.

Categorizing E Liquids

Select from a proven variety of flavor categories including beverages, candy, fruit, and tobacco. They even list two Pretentious flavors which are totally sold out, of course, and cost an astronomical amount.

Space Pawn “is the most premium e-juice ever conceived” blending “the finest ingredients ever imagined by man.” Vape Wild imagines a menu of nothing less than rare White Alba Truffle, Densuke Watermelon, Wagyu Beef, Red Iranian Saffron, and moon dust mixed at the “International Space Station and steeped on Earth in the passenger seat of a Bugatti Veyron at approximately 254 mph.” I absolutely love the satire here which only highlights their intelligence and confidence.

Otherwise, it’s all back to basics at Vape Wild. Scallywag is a breakfast vape crafted in the style of a certain captain’s sugary cereal. Blackberry Breeze, a mentholated fruit style, winds up in two categories but Spearmint is a straight-up chiller.

My favorite name is “Our Lawyer Made Us Change the Name of This Candy e-Juice” which customers compare to the gummi version of a hard, O-shaped fruit candy. Vape birthday cake on that special occasion and let others eat cake: that’s the way to go when you are gluten-free.

Havana Bourbon brings a touch of class to the typical tobacco e juice style. It’s got about as much alcohol as a drop of Cherry Cola, a beverage-style vapor juice (that is, no alcohol at all). While it’s logical to imagine a touch of brandy every morning is responsible for the good humor of these people, at Vape Wild their joy seems to be an all-natural phenomenon.

Vape Wild lists headings down the left side but also some more specific flavor possibilities at the top of the page.

Buying E Liquid

The smallest bottle size is 10 ml priced $2.99. There is a page to sign up for military discounts. With free priority shipping on orders over $30 plus the opportunity to save 10% on your first order by signing up for Vape Wild’s electronic newsletter and loyalty points right from the start, you can’t lose. Vape Wild’s price already sounded great but they sure know how to sweeten the deal.

Customizing E Liquid

Vape Wild also provides ways for clients to adjust their order so it’s more suitable for a type of coil build and nicotine expectations. Select up to 80% VG or 80% PG or orders will come in the 50/50 default style. Nicotine can be as high as 2.4% but drops to gradually lower levels until vapers are at 1.5% or even 0 nicotine. Add an extra boost of flavor too if you’re feeling especially wild. Select a large bottle and save money per/ml.

Why Shop with Vape Wild

I think it’s obvious that these guys have a good thing going. Apart from using plastic bottles, this is a high quality, top class operation (and of course that is to help with the price point). I love their lightheartedness and the way they poke fun at “pretentious” e juice companies. It’s all in good fun, though. Award-winning customer service is probably the most encouraging aspect of the business. The wild side has won me over.