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Many positive comments have been heard about Green smoke living, it is an electronic cigarette producer of disposables as well as mini electronic cigarettes. The main focus of brand is to produce products that are environmental and as green as possible. All the electronic cigarettes offered by Green Smart Living are recyclable and for old cartridges, they offer a recyclable scheme. Very high quality nicotine is also used by them.

Having a good electronic cigarette is very important for many different reasons. These electronic cigarettes can also help you to keep from smoking real cigarettes and does not cause any odors or huge mess. Without giving you loads of tar, it can help replace the nicotine you need. Green Smart living is definitely among the best options that should be considered while looking for an electronic cigarette of a high quality and something that you can really get benefit from.

Green Smart Living has a nice info graphic impact on our environment of tobacco products vs. electronic cigarettes. To help you keep from using the real thing, these cigarettes work wonders.


  • Wonderful flavors
  • It is worth the price
  • Modern design with whit matte coating
  • The frame is compact and light weighted
  • Aware and focused about environment.

How does the product work?

You can power up the battery body and start using it, so make the Green Smart Living electronic cigarettes work. The battery body can be plugged through a USB and is a lithium polymer unit. To obtain the energy that the body actually needs, it will hook up to a device that can be plugged into a powered USB outlet. The battery can be charged in two hours only and is made up of the highest quality material that helps power up the electronic cigarette. When the battery needs to be recharged, its tip turns green, just to let one know that it is running out of charge.

To charge the battery, all you have to do is screw it onto the USB charger and when it is charged, you screw it off. After this step, you have to screw a cartridge onto the unit. A cartridge will help to provide the wonderful flavor and then with the help of the silicon tip on the cartridge, you can draw a line on the cigarette. The mouthpiece of this electronic cigarette is made of the highest quality material and is very smooth. It helps to prevent any leakage while you are using it. Usually, a refill will last for about 300 puffs which are equal to a single pack of cigarette and also depends on how you use it.