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Eversmoke is one of the leading brands in e cig manufacturers and deals with the hardcore smokers. It offers a massive vapor cloud and a very satisfying throat hit that the smokers are used to. It can be a bit stronger for the people who smoke lighter cigarettes and are not used to of a stronger buzz.

Here are the latest Eversmoke coupon codes, followed by a review of the brand.

It caters to the people who are used to of smoking stronger brands over long period of time. As a strong e-cig it focuses on the higher nicotine content. For the people looking for the right kick this is the best brand to choose from.

The classic tobacco flavor mimics the flavor of traditional cigarette and the high nicotine content is enough to give the smoker a higher kick. Plus the flavor is so pleasing that vapers can use Eversmoke for a longer period of time. There are many flavors to choose from fruity to classic and from sweet to slightly bitter.

The Eversmoke Basic Starter kit is $49.99

For this price the basic kit is not basic at all. It costs less than many other brands but provides many features, which is extremely economic for this price range.

It includes two batteries; one battery is standard while the other is of higher capacity to be used for a longer period of time. It also includes 10 nicotine cartridges, a wall charger that can be plugged into a wall socket and a USB charger. Most other brands starter kit comes with only one battery and only 1 pack of 5 cartridges. The deal with Eversmoke is way more economical and cost friendly.

If you’re looking for a wide-ranging, top quality starter kits, Eversmoke provides that; offering lesser price and the supply of cartridges in bulk.

The professional kit is worth $79.99 but with the awesome features of Basic Kit in lesser price, one might stick to the Basic one. Another option is available for the people who want to buy the best Kit, The Ultimate kit, it is of $149.99. The Ultimate kit includes 3 rechargeable batteries, 15 nicotine cartridges and many other accessories.

The Eversmoke standard battery is a bit larger in circumference than the batteries of other brands. Although the length is same, the increased circumference is a hindrance in smoking it like a regular cigarette. The color scheme is white and gold and is devised to look like a traditional tobacco cigarette. Although it can be made a bit more appealing

One has to breathe in very strongly to get a good doze of vapor. Once considerable amount of effort is put in big vapor clouds are supplied.

The wall charger and USB charger work well when taken care of like every electronic product.
There are many interesting flavors offered by Eversmoke but their Classic Tobacco with its highest nicotine content hits the throat in the best possible way by giving a very satisfying kick by producing a huge vapor cloud. The flavor and throat hit is way stronger than many brands.

For the people looking for vaping in a lighter way this brand is not for them, perhaps a smaller amount of nicotine will help dealing with the mellower smokers. There is a wide variety of flavors for example Vanilla, Coffee, Cherry, Peach, Pina Colada, Peppermint, Menthol, Classic tobacco and a few other tobacco flavors.

Eversmoke offers a coupon that will help the buyers save 10% off the starter kits. Their website can be visited for further details.

An extra 20% can be easily saved by home delivery. Without the hassle of going out in traffic to shop, this product can easily be delivered at your doorstep. Extra discount is also bonus.

Even if cartridges are ordered on monthly basis this discount applies to those customers as well. Lifetime warranty is offered on all the parts delivered to the customers. Eversmoke offers a 30 day money back guarantee and this increases the credibility of Eversmoke e cigs.

The Customer Service provided by Evermoke is exceptional. Their staff is extremely helpful and goes on great length to help their valued customers. Every customer is treated on top priority. All the problems and technical glitches are solved with keen perfection. The polite staff helps the customers in every possible way.

Hence it is wise to say that all the sturdy smokers should opt for Eversmoke to get the best possible sensation of a traditional cigarette. The reliability of this product is very high because the starter kit offers a wide range of products in a minimal price.

The only problem is the circumference of the e-cig, which is slightly larger than the traditional tobacco cigarette. There is also a no-nicotine option for those who want to just enjoy the flavor. The availability of large number of flavor makes sure that the customer gets exactly what they want.

There are also deals for  buying in bulk. If they are ordered online on a monthly supply the customer gets a discount. The money back guarantee and customer service is also a huge plus point in trying this product out.